Moroccan Bath


Journey in our Moroccan Bath

In Arabia, the Moroccan bath is popularly known as hammam. It’s main goal is to relax people when their skin is being softened and it’s also believed this bath provides an even complexion.

Soreti Classic Moroccan Bath:

90 mins: Kshs 7,500

Steam 10 Minutes
Moroccan Beladi Soap Massage 10 Minutes
Steam with Moroccan Beladi Soap 15 Minutes
Cleanse Moroccan Beladi Soap 10 Minutes
Remove Dead Skin 20 Minutes
Cleanse Body 15 Minutes
Honey/Oat and coffee Scrub 5 Minutes
Chocolate body mask 5 minutes
Steam body 10 minutes
Cleanse body 10 minutes
Oil Treatment for Face and Body 15 Minutes
1 complimentary water

Soreti Signature Moroccan Bath:

150 mins: Kshs 12,500

NB: Please avoid the use of hair or body oil before these treatments

Add on: Mayonnaise hair treatment Kshs 2,000